1. sick, sickly, sickened, ill; unhealthy, unsound, unwell; diseased, morbid, pathological, poisoned; in a bad way, on the sick list, done for, on the shelf; out of sorts, under the weather, not up to snuff; aching, sore, pained, smarting, hurt, wounded; suffering, agonizing, miserable, down, complaining; delicate, faint, languishing, fading away, wasting away; weak, weakly, feeble, infirm; crippled, lame, paralytic, paralyzed, palsied; asthmatic, Path. phthisic, consumptive, tubercular.
2. indisposed, laid up, bedridden, confined; disordered, out of order, out of commission; invalided, valetudinarian.
3. afflicted, distressed, (of pain, disease, etc.) affected; bothered, annoyed, troubled, irritated; upset, worried, disturbed.

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